Keio University Law School (KLS) hosted a symposium on “International Cooperation in Legal Field for Asia 2019” on December 7th, 2019.

 This year, under the theme of “Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Legal Reform,” 12 students from Mekong region countries (Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, and Myanmar) and Japanese students did their research presentation.

 In the discussion session with a floor, we discussed implementations of SDGs and how we eliminate corruption matters from various points of view.
Around 50 audiences participated in the symposium from both domestic and abroad. We appreciate your joining and contribution.

You can see photos from KEIGLAD Facebook

 The transcript of the symposium will be printed on a journal, ICCLC NEWS, published by International Civil and Commercial Law Center (ICCLC).

 With the end of this symposium, the Collaboration Program 2019 with the Ministry of Justice, the Center of Asia Law Exchange (CALE), and KLS will end, but we will prepare a more fruitful program for next year.  

 See you in the Collaboration Program 2020.