Keio University Law School has collaborated with six partner universities in  Mekong region countries to implement the Programs for Asian Global Legal Professions (PAGLEP) from 2016. The PAGLEP aims at fostering legal professions who can solve those issues from  global perspectives and promote the rule of law on a global scale for our common future.
 In 2020, as a fifth-year milestone for the PAGLEP, we will discuss the role of universities in promoting the rule of law in the Asian dynamics to approach the Rule of Law Ubiquitous World. We also would like to explore the more sustainable cooperative community among universities on the basis of PAGLEP.
 This is a free online style symposium. We welcome audiences from all over the world. Registration is necessary.

[Date] Saturday, 21 November, 2020
[Time]11:00~16:40(Japan Time)
[System] Zoom
*Meeting address will be sent to participants.
[Language] English

As for program details, please check the poster. We are looking forward to seeing you.